Y8 GamesEdit started as a Flash games portal in late 2006 with a focus on classic arcade games. The site quickly grew into a multi platform online gaming site adding new technologies like Unity3D and Html5. Slope[1] is the most popular Unity 3D game on The site later added Flash animations and cartoons. The category grew into a videos category and makes up nearly half of the content.

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Y8 Games was popular during the infancy of the internet. During the earlier years, regulations about marketing to children were less defined. Large brands such as Nestlé used questionable techniques to market their food products to children using online games. Critics argued that such marketing led to increased obesity in children.[2] The change in content during the history of the website has meant that policies had to be implemented to protect children from advertisers.

Critics point to the domain history as it featured adult content as a landing page prior to Y8 Games.[3]

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